Control solutions for dosing of
bulk materials, powders, pastes and liquids

Controllers from DEMIC

The DE-CON/U controllers are easy configurable control systems specially developed for gravimetric dosing systems based on the "Loss-in-Weight" principle. They take over all control and weighing tasks of the dosing process and also control the upstream refilling process. In addition, the special features of the various discharge devices (screws, vibratory chutes, belts, pumps) as well as any product activations are automatically taken into account, thus continuously ensuring optimum dosing results.

We accept any challenge. We offer customized solutions for dosing, weighing and conveying & refilling of

Bulk solids & powders and pastes & liquids

Individual solutions for continuous dosing at

Differential feeder

Liquid dosing unit

Vibrating feeder

Belt feeder

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Technical features of continuous dosing

Gravimetric dosing with the DE-CON/U


High-precision batching controller for loss-in-weight weighfeeders
35 years of experience in the control of feeders (Brabender, Schenck, K-Tron,...)
Control of smallest quantities up to several tons per hour
High-resolution weight recording via digital/analog load cells (max. 4 pcs.)
Digital filtering of synchronous and asynchronous disturbances

Full flexibility with the DE-CON/U

Consideration of different discharge elements (screw, trough, belts, pumps, etc.) during control
Designed for installation in control cabinets or directly on the machine (IP65)
All scale-specific parameters can be edited via the web server - no operating device or software required
Additional weight recording (e.g. pre-bin) possible via second load cell
Integrated control of a pneumatic conveying system for optimized refilling phases

DE-CON/U - The alternative to Siwarex FTC


Many interfaces for an easy integration into automation environment(Profinet, Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet IP, Serial)
Function / communication blocks for TIA Portal incl. suitable HMI visualization for Comfort Panels freely available
Open system that can be easily and flexibly expanded and combined with other control components
Application-related simulation/and test mode enables pre-tests and reduces time during commissioning

Continuous dosing applications