The accurate dosing of liquids requires the use of mass flow meters or weighed dosing systems. The use of these systems is becoming increasingly important as the demands on dosing accuracy in modern processes are becoming higher and higher and thus all raw materials must be precisely dosed, recorded and controlled.

Advantages for the user:

Cost savings due to preconfigured solution
Simple support for remote diagnostics
Calling of the configuration interface from the PLC visualization
Easy linking with other process elements in the bulk material process
Start via Ethernet or 24V signal
"Plug and Play" for Industry 4.0

More information

The DE CON /U control system is already designed for the most common measuring methods in liquid dosing, whether the acquisition of the signal from volumetric measuring devices or the acquisition of the signals from the most diverse mass flow meters. The software is implemented for both continuous and discontinuous dosing requirements and is easily selectable. The individual program modules are stored in a software library and the various operating modes and parameters can be parameterized quickly and easily using the integrated web server. The web interface can be accessed via notebook, smartphone, tablet or also from the customer's PLC system. A separate operating device for the conveyor is therefore no longer necessary.

  • Control of discharge aids, e.g. vibrating floor, dosing unit, rotary valves
  • Control of closing systems below the big bag discharge station
  • Time- or event-controlled start of the suction and filter cleaning system
  • Event-controlled evacuation of the big bag
  • Differential pressure monitoring of a directly controlled filter
  • Fill level monitoring (min/max) of a downstream intermediate container
  • Filling quantity recording and weighing via different types of load cells
  • Base unit: 4x DE/DA or 2x AE/AA
  • extension: 8x DE/4x DA
  • arbitrarily expandable/combinable by IO signals
  • 3 serial interfaces for FI control or load cell acquisition
  • 2x Ethernet (RJ45) with integrated switch
  • Separate 24V supply and control voltage
  • Web server
  • Error memory
  • Profinet
  • Modbus TCP
  • Ethernet IP
  • Html (Webbrowser)
  • OPC UA
  • MQTT