Control solutions for conveying & refilling of bulk materials, powders, pastes and liquids

Conveying & Replenishment with DEMiC

Increasing demands on the feeding of raw materials into the various processes, such as: Mixing, Agglomeration, Homogenization etc., require increasingly powerful control systems for the process elements involved (Big Bag Stations, Bag Pourers, Conveyors and Feeders).

Our decentralized automation solutions and the associated modular component design are suitable for all manufacturers of conveyors and transport systems who bring ready-to-connect (individual) components to the market. To this end, we adapt the entire drive and control technology to your individual processes and requirements, thus ensuring maximum object-oriented planning and project engineering.
In this way, you reduce costs and downtimes in your company while increasing your efficiency.

We rise to every challenge. We offer tailor-made solutions for dosing, weighing and conveying & refilling of

Bulk solids & powders and pastes & liquids

Individual solutions for conveying and refilling at

Conveyor belt and screw

Rotary valve

Are you also interested in complete dosing systems for bulk solids and powders?

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Technical features: Conveying & Refilling

Automation of the entire refilling level with the DE-CON/U

Bag chute > Pneumatic conveying system > Differential feeder

Control system for automation of all components of the refilling level
Includes software modules for pneumatic conveying systems, bag chutes, BigBag stations, etc.
35 years of experience in refilling dosing equipment
Supports process data acquisition in the entire raw material train in the sense of Industry 4.0
Forms the basis for preventive maintenance detection
Provides accurate consumption reports and status information to MES/-ERP system
Enables resource-saving startup and shutdown of plants

Control of refilling stations with the DE-CON/U

Time- or event-controlled start of extraction and filter cleaning
Pressure monitoring (underpressure, overpressure, differential pressure across filter)
Control of discharge aids (vibrating floor, screws, rotary valves, beaters)
Fill level monitoring and filling lights
Filling quantity detection and weighing via different load cell formats
Automatic feeding of containers
Easy to combine with pneumatic conveying system

Solutions for pneumatic conveying systems

Time or cycle-based conveying cycles
Pressure monitoring (negative pressure, positive pressure in suction system, differential pressure across filter) for preventive maintenance
Valve control in suction and clean air lines
Level monitoring
Air injection and knocker control as discharge aid
Discharge flap positively controlled incl. monitoring
Adjustable discharge mode (partial discharge) for optimized start-up and shut-down
Easy to combine with dosing system or feeding station

Conveying & Refilling Applications