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Avoid long periods of downtime

Spare parts supply

The chip crisis is keeping the world on tenterhooks - what about the spare parts supply for your control system? How long will it take, until a required component can be delivered?

DEMIC Retrofit-Control systems are implemented with widely used and readily available hardware platforms. Your supply chain for spare parts is guarenteed.

Tougher requirements

Nowadays control systems are high sophisticated compared to solutions 20 years ago.

Communication with automation and visualization components are standard today. Make your system state-of-the-art.

Loss of production

Overvoltage or breakdown of components can affect the control system at any time.

How long will it take to get your plant running again? What will each downtime hour costs? In many cases, retrofiting is paying off with the first avoided production downtime.

Loss of Know-how

The Demographic change causes a great lack of specialists.

Your know-how carrier retires? What if the expert for your control system from the 90s gets injured during sports and drops out?

DEMIC Retrofit-Control solutions are operator friendly and easy to maintain, also remote.

More than 35 years experience

With over 35 years of experience in control system development, we know what matters and provide your solutions before it's too late.

Our solutions

Control system Retrofit

Updating control system hardware

Guaranteed service levels, operational reliability, spare parts supply and technical support

Remote Service and Predictive Maintenance available

Lifetime extension of your existing hardware

Plant control

Efficient and safe control and feedback control systems

35 years of experience in partial and full automation of dosing and conveying systems

Conception - Development - Test

Supplier independent, standard automation platforms like TIA Portal or TwinCAT

Control cabinet construction

The heart of your mixing plants and feedingsystems

Trouble-free operation of your control systems

From conceptual design to manufacturing and installation

Comissioning- Training - Handover

We parameterize, individualize and launch your control solution

We train your team and support you remotely or on site

We hand over your control solution including comprehensive documentation

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