360° module provider for the automation of batching and weighing

35 years of experience are the basis for our 360° module concept: Whether software control modules for your PLC, hardware control modules, IO gateways, converters or your individually developed dosing solution - we have already seen and solved every problem. This know-how has also flowed into our self-developed dosing devices.

Our specialty is retrofit: upgrade your existing machines with a modern control system to avoid spare parts shortages and downtime in times of interrupted supply chains.

Buy only what you really need - tailored exactly to your needs - instead of buying expensive omnipotent all-rounders whose range of functions you don't need.

360° automation: plant control, retrofit and control cabinet construction - commissioning, training and service

DEMiC. 360° Automation, Batching and Weighing.


Control systems

Our control systems support dosing with loss-in-weight feeders and gain-in-weight feeders of bulk solids, powders and liquids with different discharge devices such as a screws, belts or vibration gutters.



IO's and Converter

Our IO's and converters are suitable for a wide range of applications. One of our main focuses are systems for the integration of control systems  and HMI's of Brabender Technologie into PLC/MES systems as well as multifunctional interfaces for the processing of digital and analog IO's.

DE-CONverter A01
DE-CONverter B01



 for Batch-Weighing and Continues feeding

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Operator control and monitoring


Software for visualization of complex production processes

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Provis 3

Software for operating and monitoring the dosing level

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HMI's for all control systems of DE-CON-family

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Conrol system retrofit

Act now before it's too late

Many developments endanger your productivity: Whether uncertain spare parts supply due to the worldwide chip crisis, increased demands on communication with the plant visualization or loss of know-how due to the demographic change -

secure the future of your company with a retrofit of your control system !

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Your benefits with DEMIC

35 years of experience in controlling continous dosing processes and batch weighing

Control expertise for special individual applications as well as complete processes

Fast realization of customer-specific requirements

Experts for gravimetric and volumetric feeding systems, as well as the associated refilling processes

Uniform interfaces throughout for easy integration into automation environment

Quality, that is worth seeing

Many of our control systems have been running 24/7 for over 20 years!


Your contact

Björn Demmer

Shareholder - General manager

PHONE: +49 2247 918 90
E-MAIL: bdemmer(at)demic-datentechnik.de

Heinz Demmer

Shareholder - General manager

PHONE: +49 2247 918 90
E-MAIL: hdemmer(at)demic-datentechnik.de