Control solutions for batch weighing of bulk solids, powders, pastes and liquids

Batch-Weighing from DEMIC

The controllers of the DE-CON/U family can also operate according to the "Gain-in-Weight" method and be used in automated batch processes, by simple configuration. Individual raw materials are added one after the other to a hopper/platform scale and processed by weighing via the control system. Using the same principle, complete raw material mixtures can also be produced due to recipe at a manual weighing station. The entire recipe control of a batch dosing and its detailed logging is carried out via the AIO-Control software and can be called up via interface after completion of a batch.

Individual solutions for batch weighing at

We rise to every challenge. We offer tailor-made solutions for dosing, weighing and conveying & refilling of

Bulk solids & Powder und Pastes & Liquids

Technical features of batch weighing

Gain in weight with DE-CON/U


  • Weighing controller for weighing bulk materials/raw materials according to the "Gain-in-Weight" method-Verfahren
  • 35 years of experience with weighing systems (Brabender, Schenck, K-Tron,...)
  • Weighing of smallest quantities up to several tons per batch
  • Suitable for single and/or multiple component weighing
  • High-resolution weight value acquisition via digital/analog load cells
  • Digital filtering of synchronous and asynchronous disturbances

Full flexibility with DE-CON/U



  • Control of various discharge aids (e.g. beaters, unbalance motors, etc.) during the parameterizable discharge process
  • Design of the devices for mounting in the control cabinet or directly on the machine (IP65)
  • All device-specific parameters can be edited via the webserver
  • Integrated control of refilling and conveying systems for optimal results
  • Additional weight measurement (e.g. pre-container) possible via second load cell
  • Filter cleaning and dust-tight docking systems integrated as standard

DE-CON/U - The alternative to Siwarex



  • Extensive range of interfaces for easy integration into automation landscape (Profinet, Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet IP, Serial)
  • Function / communication blocks for TIA Portal freely available
  • Can be excellently combined with AIO-Control for visualization on any PC and for recipe and order management incl. batch logging
  • Application-related simulation/and test mode enables pre-tests and reduces time during commissioning

Applications of batch weighing

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