The DE-DDW-50 is a compact dosing system for volumetric and gravimetric dosing of heavy flowing powders in the lower capacity range.


  • High feeding accuracy and reliability guaranteed even with difficult flowing bulk solids
  • Integrated agitator prevents bridging and ensures uniform screw filling level
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance due to easy disassembly possibility
  • Space saving and compact design
  • Flexible use in different industries and environments
  • Supplied fully assembled and can be quickly commissioned via the web server or the optionally available HMI

Compact powder feeder

The DE-DDW-25 dosing differential feeder is a compact device for dosing,
-especially- of powders with difficult flowing properties.


  • Accurate dosing rates of difficult flowing powders in the lower capacity range of 1-150 dm³/h
  • Wide range of applications in industrial environments, pilot plants or laboratories
  • No complex wiring necessary due to the control box for the control and weighing electronics mounted on the unit
  • Change of the complete hopper incl. screws in a few simple steps
  • Manual or fully automatic filling due to different accessories and variants of lids
  • User-guided commissioning of the system even for inexperienced employees
  • Various Ethernet protocols enable connection to customer PLC systems and are the basis for using the integrated web server


  • Exchange screws, -screw tubes
  • Vertical outlet
  • Hopper lid for automatic or manual filling
  • Hopper lid with filter bag or jet filter for venting
  • Flexible inlet expansion joints and outlet sleeves
  • 5,7“ / 7“ HMI for use as stand-alone system

Control system

  • All devices of the DE-CON/U family
  • Can be mounted directly on the device or in the control cabinet
  • Also available as ATEX version
  • Direct connection DMS-Load cell
  • Complete operation and program updates via web server
  • Numerous interfaces to the PLC system
  • Optionally with control of a conveyor system and/or refill stations
  • Can be combined with dosing devices from other manufacturers

Our control systems
are extremely flexible and fit
also to your dosing technology

Technical Features of continous dosing

Dosing tools and dosing capacities

Screw type Screw-
Tube diameter
Max. Dosing capacity
Spiral srew 15 15 24/17

1 - 150

Spiral srew 25 25 30/27

* The specified dosing capacities are theoretical values in volumetric operation and with a screw filling level and a motor speed of 100%. The dosing capacity can be significantly influenced by screw and gear changes. In gravimetric dosing, the dosing capacity is generally somewhat lower. The actual capacity is essentially determined by the material properties of the bulk material and must be determined individually.

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