Software for visualization of complex production processes

The AIO Control software enables the operation of all control components for stocking, conveying, dosing, extrusion, etc. in one system.



  • Easy to customize to individual customer needs (visual and functional).
  • Installation on PC system with integrated soft PLC possible
  • Combination with (Soft-) PLC ensures highest availability of the system and greatest possible flexibility in the selection of components.
  • Uniform representation of all functions and parameters of the various process elements
  • Backup functionality available for all components
  • Individual modules can also be used independently of the overall system (e.g. convenient recipe / order management and corresponding logging in combination with Siemens PLC).
  • Data can be made available for higher-level system via OPC UA
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Includes as standard

  • Plant- and Component visualization
  • Order management
  • Recipe management
  • Raw material management
  • Protocols and Logging
  • User management
  • Operating and fault logging
  • Trends
  • Language switching
  • Intuitive graphic editor for plant visualization
  • Data archives
  • Alarm managment (Online, Archive, statistical evaluation)
  • OPC / OPC UA - Server deployment
  • Interfaces/Drivers to integrated Soft-PLC (e.g. Beckhoff)
  • Driver to PLC/MES-Systems and IO-Modules (e.g. Siemens)

Frequently used add-on modules

  • Identification Systems (Barcode-Scanner, RFID, QR-Codes, etc.)
  • Advanced Reporting for Production Processes for Quality Management
  • Performance evaluations at plant / component level
  • Plant-wide Lot Number Tracking
  • Log- and machine diary
  • Label-printer
  • Client-Server-Applications with Backup-Function
  • Data exchange via SMS/E-Mail
  • Logging and safeguarding manual production steps for quality optimization

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