Control system for loss in weight feeder

The DE-CONscrew control system is used to support the operation of loss-in-weight feeders for the dosing of bulk materials and powders by dosing screws. Due to continuous performance determination and evaluation, automatic performance adjustment can be made at any time.


  • Controls the setpoint-precise dosing according to the „Loss in Weight“ principle into a continuous process
  • Supports the gravimetric and volumetric operation of differential weighers when dosing bulk materials and powders by dosing screws
  • Highly accurate dosing due to adaptive control
  • Optimized refill handling
  • Integrated control of a conveyor system (option)
  • Automatic scale calibration
  • Speed monitoring of the discharge unit (digital / analog)
  • Continuous performance determination and analysis for automatic performance adjustment in startup and shutdown mode
  • Single and group operation
  • Time-based throughput counters
  • Control of additional components for product activation (screws, beaters) and dust prevention (filters, extractors)

We rise to every challenge. We offer tailor-made solutions for dosing, weighing ,conveying and refilling of

Bulk solids & Powders and Pastes & Liquids

Screw as discharging element


  • Digital filtering of the weight values ( detection digital / analog) for an exact calculation of the feeding capacity
  • High-resolution weight recording via digital/analog load cells
  • Direct connection of load cells (4/6-wire technology)
  • Control of frequency inverter serial/analog
  • Internal alarm buffer
  • Integrated web server for complete configuration and parameterization
  • Can be used in the control cabinet or directly in the plant
  • 4 digital inputs/ and outputs with a number of standard functions (enable, operating contact, external fault, refill process, alarm, etc.) assignable or available for free use


  • Digital/Analog Extensions
  • Operating Options
    • DE-COP 5 single (for single operation of a dosing unit)
    • DE-COP 5 multi (for operating up to 6 dosing units)
    • DE-COP 16 (for operating up to 16 dosing units)
    • Provis (Line software: up to 8 lines á 16 dosing units)
    • AIO-Control (Plant visualization = dosing units + other devices)


  • Numerous interface protocols OnBoard and selectable/ parameterizable via web server
  • Data contents of interface can be adapted flexibly
  • Greatest possible flexibility during project planning, since data contents are available on all interfaces

Supported protocols:

  • Profinet
  • Modbus TCP
  • Ethernet IP
  • EtherCAT
  • Profibus
  • RK512
  • OPC UA
  • serial fieldbus

Our control systems
are extremely flexible and fit
also to your dosing technology

Control system for loss in weight feeder

Detailed overview of DE-CONscrew and Siwarex FTC

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