Software based module for Batch-Weighing

Software / PLC modules for batch weighing of hopper scales, platform scales, manual weighing, big bag stations, bag removal station and silos.


  • Easy-to-integrate module for batch weighing according to the "gain-in-weight" method
  • Universally applicable module for controlling weighing devices from different manufacturers
  • Control algorithm proven and continuously improved for more than 35 years
  • Compatible with TIA Portal and TwinCAT 3
  • Runs completely in the customer PLC - No additional hardware required for the controller
  • Full flexibility in the selection of
    • Scale
    • Load cells (DMS, Digital)
    • Drives /Frequency inverter
    • IO's
    • Interfaces
    • Operating options
  • Typical applications: Hopper scale, platform scale, manual weighing, BigBag station, bag removal station, silo


  • Adding or subtracting weighing possible
  • 2 process sequences selectable
    • Coarse/fine dosing (dosing takes place as quickly as possible)
    • ART- dosing principle (weighing takes place evenly within a defined dosing time)
  • Automatic controller/ and parameter adjustment after each batch
  • Digital weight value processing with raw or filtered data
  • Consideration of refill phases
  • Digital filtering of synchronous and asynchronous interference
  • Parameterizable discharge process
  • Batch related throughput counters
  • Filter cleaning
  • Integrated control of discharge aids such as beaters, unbalance motors, etc.
  • Simulation mode (for Com without product)


  • Image block for TIA Portal or TwinCAT HMI
  • Function module for controlling a pneumatic conveying system for refilling
  • IO-Gateway
  • DE-CONx

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