Provis 3

Line software for operating and monitoring the dosing level

Provis 3 enables manufacturer-independent operation and monitoring of dosing levels, supporting line operation with up to 64 components.



  • Supports line operation of max. 64 dosing units distributed over 8 lines
  • Clear presentation of all plant/line/component functions and parameters
  • Settings of individual lines/components can be easily duplicated and transferred
  • Provis 3 can run on your own hardware and makes additional operating devices for the dosing level obsolete
  • Intended for use under Windows 10/11 and in vm
  • Backup functionality at plant/line/component level
  • Data can be made available for higher-level system via OPC UA


Includes as standard

  • Plant- and Component visualization
  • Recipe management
  • Graphical display of dosing results (bar graph, trend display)
  • Clear labeling of dosing units through editable designations
  • Multi-level authorization concept
  • Language switch
  • Alarm managment
  • Operating logging
  • Intuitive graphic editor for plant visualization
  • Enables in combination with DE-CONverter the visualization of the parameters of all Brabender control systems and operator interfaces.

  • Visualization of up to 64 components in max. 8 independent lines
    • Congrav CM-E
    • Congrav ISC-CM (plus)
    • Congrav CB-E
    • Congrav CB (plus)
    • Congrav CB-S
    • Congrav SE
    • Congrav OP16
    • Congrav OP15
    • Congrav OP12
    • Congrav OP6
    • Congrav OP1
    • OP 5
    • LM3
    • RC4
  • Also suitable for manufacturer-independent visualization of dosing devices

Application example

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