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With the control solutions for dosing, weighing, conveying and refilling bulk materials and powders, DEMIC offers you universally applicable solutions that are up to any challenge.

Whether 1 kg of aerosil or 1 kg of granules - in the future, you will no longer have to worry about selecting the control system for the various raw materials and process components, because you will only need one system.

In a DE-CON, the special challenges posed by each material in the process are already fully taken into account and can be easily parameterized.

Challenges and solutions in handling bulk solids & powders

Challenge ➢ Bulk density

The bulk density of raw materials often varies and can change constantly due to temperature and pressure fluctuations or other influences. For example, dosing 1 kg of Aerosil and 1 kg of granules using the same dosing equipment is extremely difficult.

The DEMIC-solution:

For the different raw materials you may need to change the dosing device. However, the control algorithm in DEMIC's controllers automatically adapts to this and enables the dosing of all materials with the same controller.

Challenge ➢ Dust

When transporting bulk materials, especially powders, a large amount of dust is generated, which endangers the health and also the safety of the employees.

The DEMIC-solution:

With special filter cleaning, extraction and docking systems, we solve the problem and pull the dust out of the system.

Challenge ➢ Product pillars

During the dosing of bulk materials and especially powders, product columns are formed in the dosing unit. A hole is formed above the screw feeder and material is still present at the edges of the container, which is additionally compacted over time.

The DEMIC-solution:

By means of a precisely coordinated control of a product activation by beaters and vibrators, the accumulation of the bulk material and powder at the edges is prevented and thus contributes to a continuous product flow.
An innovative method for product activation, with less influence on the weighing signal, will be presented here shortly!

Challenge ➢ Explosion hazard

When the process demands it, bulk materials and powders must be safely dosed, transported and stored, even in a highly explosive environment.

The DEMIC-solution:

All DEMIC devices and controls can be designed to be ATEX-compliant and can therefore also be used decentrally on the dosing/conveying device.

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