Operator panel for dosing controllers

The DE-COP 15 is an operator panel for all dosing controllers of the DE-CON family, which can be perfectly used as a multi-component operator panel (max. 32) for individual lines.

More operator panels:

DE-COP 5 single   DE-COP 5 multi



  • 100% compatible with Congrav OP16-E (PB) and all Congrav control systems manufactured by Brabender Technologie
  • Existing software versions are further developed upon customer request
  • 15" touch screen color display supports easy operation and visualization
  • Application easily scalable to other screen sizes
  • Optional symbol-oriented or text-based display of all parameters
  • Communication to dosing controllers via Ethernet or serial interface
  • Via Ethernet, digital and analog expansion modules can be integrated directly
  • Modbus TCP, Profinet and Profibus are supported as the master computer interface as standard
  • Master computer interface can be extended by other protocols if required (e.g. Ethernet IP, Ethercat, OPC UA. a.o.)


Includes as standard

  • Plant visualization
  • Multi-component operation incl. preselection and individual fault switch-off
  • User management
  • Alarm management
  • Recipe management
  • Product data management
  • Trends
  • Logging
  • Language switch


  • Via DE-CONverter, data of a line can also be made available for Provis 3 and/or PLC system
  • Other screen sizes available
  • Digital I/O module: 4x DE (e.g. start, stop, alarm reset, etc.) ; 4x DA ( e.g. operation, fault, etc.)
  • Analog I/O module: 2x AE 0(2)-10V (e.g. analog guidance, etc.); 2x AA 0(4)-20 mA (e.g. actual value, drive value, level, etc.)

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