Pneumatic conveyors are usually solid and robustly built and last virtually a lifetime. In most existing and also new systems, the control is usually manually adjustable or implemented with conventional compact controls, neither of which meet today's requirements for end-to-end process integration - especially with regard to the requirements for Industry 4.0


  • Cost savings due to preconfigured solution
  • Simple support for remote diagnostics
  • Calling of the configuration interface from the PLC visualization
  • Easy linking with other process elements in the bulk material process
  • Start via Ethernet or 24V signal
  • „Plug and Play“ for Industry 4.0


More about the control system for pneumatic conveying systems

This problem can be solved with the DE-CON/U/F control system. The fully Ethernet-based control system includes all processes for classic suction and high-performance vacuum conveying as standard. The individual program modules are stored in a software library and the various operating modes and parameters can be parameterized quickly and easily using the integrated web server. The web interface can be accessed via notebook, smartphone, tablet or even from the customer's PLC system. A separate operating device for conveying is therefore no longer necessary.


Scope of functions

  • Time-controlled or cycle-based conveying cycles
  • Pressure monitoring (negative pressure, positive pressure in suction system, differential pressure across filter)
  • Valve control in suction and clean air line
  • Level monitoring (min/max)
  • Air injection as discharge aid
  • Knocker control as discharge aid
  • Discharge flap positively controlled incl. monitoring
  • Filling quantity recording and weighing via different types of load cells

Technical Features

  • Basic module: 4x DI/DO or 2x AI/AO
  • Extension: 8x DI/4x DO
  • Any number of IO signals can be added/combined
  • 3 serial interfaaces for drive control and load cell detection
  • 2x Ethernet (RJ45) with integrated switch
  • Seperate 24V supply- and control
  • Webserver
  • Alarmlogger


  • Profinet
  • Modbus TCP
  • Ethernet IP
  • Html (Webbrowser)
  • OPC UA
  • MQTT

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